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Climb Dork Tower! A Review of Munchkin the Card Game

Munchkin is a silly game designed to make you laugh until it hurts as you try to gather items to enhance your munchkin so that you get defeat the monsters, get their treasure and go up levels. First one to ten wins!

The game has had a few spin offs such as Munchkin Zombie…but in general (aside from the themes the cards have) the game play is the same in all versions. You start with four cards, 2 treasures and 2 doors. Doors are what you draw at the beginning of your turn to see if you get a monster to fight, an item, class, or even worse….a curse! Monsters carry a level and you must beat the monster by at least one point in order to defeat it. You can use special cards that give you boosts such as +3 so you have the juice or roll a die and see if you run away (which I believe is a 5 or 6). If you don’t get a monster, you draw another door card and keep it to yourself OR play a monster that you were holding in your hand. Simple right? If you defeat a monster you draw from the treasure cards the number of treasures the monster had and go up a level (or in some cases 2).

Classes are just what type of munchkin you will be with strengths and weakness that are listed for that type. Items are just cards that give you boosts such as armor or hand gear. You get cards that can help you or be used to mess with your friend/family during their turn.

The charm of this game is it has simple game play. No complex rules to struggle to understand. And of course the best part….the illustrations and jokes.

Each card is meant to be silly. Of course that means that there is a joke of some kind be it in the wording on the card or the drawing or both. For example in Munchkin bites there is a card, a monster, called The Evil. And the joke? It is just a cute little kitten with no hit points. Or in Munchkin Superhero where they make fun of comics and conventions (with love I’m sure) with cards like “Ate At Convention Snack Bar” with a picture of a convention goer in a generic costume stooped over a garbage can with a green face.

And another fine point? If you and your family/friends have an easy going relationship then this game is for you because you get to screw with people especially when they are about to win the game. You can add more than one monster to their battles forcing them to loose and take only the bad stuff* from the monster’s card, you can add a TON of hit points to the monster they are fighting forcing them to run away, you can force them to loose items that give them strength, drain levels from them….of course this all sounds cut throat but when actually playing the game, it’s fun!

Don’t worry to much about winning in this game, it is more or less about having fun and laughing with those you love. Sappy? Perhaps, but all in all I think this card game is worth checking out! I know that it is one of the highlights I enjoy when visiting my dad!

Munchkin game play was created by Steve Jackson (who’s company I believe publishes the game) and illustrated by John Kovalic. There is a website that if you want you should check out. http://www.worldofmunchkin.com/game/

*bad stuff: Each monster (if you lose) has bad stuff that you must do such as they take a level away or you lose your foot gear or lose your class or even change sex!

Disclaimer: All reviews are covered under fair use. I claim no ownership over munchkin games or anything like that.

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